Shenzhen Silicon Valley junction manufacturing giant
Shenzhen and Silicon Valley in the United States are rapidly combining together, one with innovative thinking and a strong capability of manufacturing in China. The combination of them can become a global manufacturing giant, which is called Calichina.

The European famous aircraft manufacturer Airbus (Airbus) recently announced its location in China's innovation center. This lucky city is Shenzhen, a young city adjacent to Hongkong. Shenzhen is a booming metropolis with a population between 12 million and 15 million. So far, the city is less than 40 years old.

It is said that in 1979 Shenzhen was only a small fishing village, but in fact, the present Shenzhen was made up of more than 300 villages and was once a gathering place of 300 thousand people. But no matter what you say, the pace of development in Shenzhen is amazing.

Today, Shenzhen has become a new manufacturing center in the world, where most of the manufacturing sector is electronic products. Shenzhen's Huaqiang North market is world-famous. You can buy anything from electronic products, from retail to wholesale, from one million to one million. Shenzhen is also home to Apple contractor Foxconn, China's smartphone maker HUAWEI and other technology companies. No wonder Airbus wants to set up its innovation center here.

Airbus innovation center in Shenzhen is the second similar company set up in the world. Given the company's headquarters in southern France, Toulouse, jointly governed by the French, German, and Italy governments, you might think its first innovation center will be in Europe, such as "Silicon Sentier" (Silicon Sentier, or Silicon Allee, Berlin's technology center). But that's not the case. The Airbus Company's first global innovation center is located at the Silicon Valley center in San Francisco, California.

Airbus has aircraft factories in Toulouse, Hamburg and Mobil, Alabama. Airbus has a production line in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin and is jointly operated with China's Aviation Industry Corp (AVIC). The latter is the manufacturer of China's first civilian large aircraft C919.

Why is Airbus's global innovation center not in Tianjin? The answer is that the real value of jets is not the aerodynamic structure of the aluminum or wing of the fuselage, but the various electronic products on the aircraft. The key to aircraft innovation is the control of fuel consumption from avionics to vehicle Wi-Fi and entertainment systems. And the future value of aircraft will be reflected in the Internet of Things.

Airbus is not developing a new type of aircraft in Silicon Valley. It is the autopilot technology that develops the aircraft there, (Code: Vahana), the airspace management system (code name: Altiscope) for autopilot operation and the shared service (code name: Voom) of the helicopter similar to the Uber. These are real Silicon Valley projects, rather than what European Silicon Valley imitates. And you can be sure that the Airbus Shenzhen innovation center will play a role in making Silicon Valley's project a reality.

Shenzhen and Silicon Valley are rapidly merging into a trans Pacific manufacturing center. We can call it Calichina. Innovative thinking was born in California and became reality in China. What needs to be clear is that what we are talking about is not the aircraft production line (although the production line is also in China). We are discussing models, prototypes and conceptual flying products. It's not just Calichina of Airbus. From technology giant Apple Corp to agricultural giant Cargill Inc, and every industry in the world.

Shenzhen and Silicon Valley are symbiotic because although California still has dreams, things can only be realized in China. The days of local production of apple Apple I personal computers in California have no longer exist, but it is clear that some people can produce iPhone 6S with the spare parts purchased in Shenzhen. With the idea of assembling Silicon Valley with Shenzhen materials, you can create the future with Calichina.
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