2017 China smart manufacturing annual conference will be held in Beijing in November 24th.
        In October 2017, the nineteen leading people pointed out the great judgement of the new era and new contradictions, and made a strategically advantageous and ambitious plan for China in the future. Manufacturing industry is the foundation and foundation of China's economic development, and also the backbone of economic growth. In the nineteen major reports, "to speed up the building of a manufacturing power, to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, to promote the deep integration of the Internet, large data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and to cultivate new growth points in the areas of high-end consumption, innovation, green low-carbon, shared economy, modern supply chain and human capital services. "New kinetic energy" has pointed out the direction for the development of manufacturing industry.

       In November 24th, the China business report leader, the twenty-first Century economic report, will hold the "2017 China Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Annual Conference" in Beijing. The event invites government officials to converge on the industry leaders and discuss the current hotspots in the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, helping to build China's "intelligent manufacturing" industry.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen see "intellectual creation"

In order to actively cooperate with the country's strategic measures to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, as the twenty-first Century economic report of the Chinese business report leader, the "China intelligence promotion plan" was launched in April 2016, a comprehensive survey of the past made in China, and a full perspective of the future of China's intellectual creation.

In April of this year, the "2017 China intellectual building promotion program" was launched again, sending a number of key journalists to the front line of the enterprise, setting up a team of government experts, think tank leaders, association representatives, professional senior researchers and industry journalists at home and abroad. The activity of the degree.

"Touch intelligence - 2017 Chinese manufacturing value discovery tour", as an important link in the field investigation and survey of China's intellectual building promotion plan, has investigated and investigated the leading enterprises in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing in the form of exchange and factory visits in the 6-8 months of this year, focusing on the Chinese system. The creative spirit of inheriting and inheriting and analyzing the innovative path of China's intelligence creation.

In the past year, Guangzhou has introduced and implemented "Guangzhou made 2025" strategic planning, and accelerated the development of 7 policy documents, such as the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, Internet, and the development of the integrated circuit industry, in order to promote the upgrading of various industries.

Shenzhen focuses on the 11 strategic centers of digital network equipment, new display, integrated circuits, new components and components, robots, precision manufacturing equipment, new materials, new energy vehicles, aeronautics and Astronautics, marine engineering equipment and genetic engineering equipment.

In the first half of 2017, the total industrial output value above the scale of Shanghai was 1 trillion and 601 billion 330 million yuan, up by 8.2% over the same period of the previous year, which achieved the highest growth rate since 2012. Compared with the same period last year, Shanghai's industrial structure has changed this year, and industry has become an important driving force for Shanghai's economic growth.

Beijing is building a sophisticated economic structure, and wants to realize the transformation from "manufacturing in Beijing" to "created by Beijing". According to the requirements of the coordinated development plan of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and emphasizing the three dislocation development, Beijing mainly takes on the link of innovation service and high end value, and more changes the power of industrial development to technological innovation.

The golden age of China's intellectual creation

In the twenty-first Century economic report, a batch of traditional manufacturing enterprises will be reused in Nirvana, and a number of outstanding intellectual enterprises will stand out and become the leader of the industry. It is foreseeable that a great wave of China's intellectual property development is coming, and the golden chapter of China's wisdom is being lifted.

In all research enterprises, "intelligent building" promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. A batch of new production lines appear in the factory with more advanced production methods, and many heavy and dangerous posts are even replaced by robots.

In the survey, it even felt that the air in Shenzhen was filled with "innovation": all kinds of smart innovation companies were emerging, and capital was like the most vigilant hounds to sniff the changes of each new student. Relying on the big market and big matching of the Pearl River Delta and the perfect industrial chain with the encouraging and open industrial policy environment, Shenzhen has formed the most dynamic China's fertile soil in the sky.

Industry has clearly become an important driving force for Shanghai's economic growth. Behind the flood of macro data, Shanghai made a series of notable achievements. In May this year, the large domestic airliner C919 was first flying. In the near future, the ARJ21 new branch aircraft obtained the production license issued by the China Civil Aviation Administration and formally entered the batch production stage. In addition, the four full automation terminal of Yangshan, Zhenhua heavy industry, will also be put into production by the end of this year.

Once upon a time, Chinese enterprises were often described as imitators, and "Shanzhai" products were highly criticized. Today, the concept of "double creation" and intelligent manufacturing are becoming more and more common values. On the basis of the reasonable experience of foreign advanced experience, more high technology content, high manufacturing quality, high reputation of Chinese products and technology are attracting the attention of the whole country and even the whole world.

Therefore, this annual meeting will focus on "30 years of gold in China's manufacturing industry", focusing on "the strength and transformation of Chinese manufacturing enterprises", "the scale of innovation: the rise of the new sharp enterprises and the turn of the elephants", "embrace the key areas of artificial intelligence" and so on. The trend of development.
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