Interpretation of Intelligent Science and Technology Industry Policy and Creation of Industrial Innovation Heights
        The development of intelligent science and technology industry can not be separated from the support of strong R & D innovation ability. Some policies on accelerating the development of intelligent science and technology industry (hereinafter referred to as "policy") have put forward the corresponding support measures to cultivate the talents and improve the R & D innovation ability of enterprises. In this regard, the relevant responsible persons of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission have been interpreted.

Talent is the most important factor in the development of intelligent technology industry. Only with a more open field of vision, we can cultivate, attract and gather first-class talents at home and abroad, and build a high level of talent team to provide strong intellectual support for the development of intelligent technology industry. The policy is supported from two aspects. On the one hand, starting from the source, we should strengthen discipline construction and cultivate talents. We support the establishment of artificial intelligence college or Research Institute in Colleges and universities such as Nankai University and Tianjin University to encourage colleges and universities to set up the direction of artificial intelligence independently, encourage institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and enterprises to cooperate with enterprises and other institutions to carry out the construction of artificial intelligence; encourage the widening of the content of artificial intelligence education and the formation of artificial intelligence +X compound The new model of talent training, the close docking of market demand, the timely adjustment of talent training program, and the training of a number of short interdisciplinary, complex, high education, high professional talents. On the other hand, attracting high-end talents with favorable conditions. For full-time leading talents, the highest reward is not more than 2 million yuan. The core R & D talents introduced by the new owner of the new household are given by the government in the area of the enterprise to the maximum of no more than 1 million yuan per person and the maximum of no more than 20 million yuan for a single enterprise. For domestic and foreign high-end talents to establish science and technology enterprises, give the highest 500 thousand yuan venture capital support. The top talents and their teams at home and abroad are encouraged to carry out the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and give the highest 10 million yuan support to the industrialization projects with international first-class level and filling the blank of the domestic technology. It is necessary for entrepreneurs to determine the conditions of settlement for the key talents in the field of intelligent technology.

Research and development innovation is the source and motive force of the development of the intelligent technology industry. It is an important part of the "national advanced manufacturing R & D base" by the Central Committee of Tianjin. It is the platform and carrier for the talents to play the intelligence and intelligence. It is also the only way to upgrade the production service industry to the specialization, high end and high energy level. In order to further enhance R & D capability, the policy proposes to support intelligent R & D innovation. We should encourage the development of scientific research institutes at the national level and provincial level, distinguish the situation and give no more than 30 million yuan of capital support, and upgrade the R & D platform of key laboratories and engineering research centers to the national level and give 500 thousand to 1 million yuan special funds. The two is to encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment. The key enterprises of intelligent science and technology shall give financial support that does not exceed 20% of R & D expenses in accordance with the annual R & D expenses identified by the tax authorities. The three is to support the transformation of innovation achievements, and the backbone personnel who make important contributions to the R & D of scientific and technological achievements, and give more than 50% reward to the achievement transformation income. The four is to promote the opening and sharing of large-scale scientific instruments, and the annual cost of service to the instrument management units is 40%, and the maximum financial subsidy is not more than 500 thousand yuan.
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